How and Why to Pledge a Donation

Why Donations are Important to our Organization:

The Chapter House for Iowa Delta stands on the the same soil that the house was originally founded on. Meaning that our home is well over 100 years in age, given the nature of maintaining a house with that type of age there are special considerations that must be made when doing any type of work on the house. If a light fixture goes out in our home, it could be upwards of three to four times the amount of money to fix that light fixture given the aforementioned considerations. The Iowa Delta Chapter of the Sigma Alpha Epsilon Fraternity is a 501(c)3 Non-Profit organization. All of our funds in order to do any type of alterations to the house must come out of the Alumni Association’s Available Funds. So it is critical that the association collects donations and pledges from former members so we can continue to maintain the house in beautiful condition and allow our brothers to live in the house with comfort.

What Donations and Funding allow us to do:

The Iowa Delta house has went through drastic renovations within the last decade. The Main House, often referred by members as the Old-House, was only was able to house about ten to fifteen members year round. After funding new renovations to the house, the Alumni Association expanded the back half of the house to include the “New House”, the new house is referred to as the “Crist House”. The Crist House contains on-suite living, this allows our members to live in a room with a closed door with one to two other roommates, and they all share a communal living area, small kitchenette, and a full bathroom. Thanks to the donations made by Alumni, we were able to complete this renovation and greatly expand the opportunities for brothers to live in the house, and most current members argue that the house has a far more comfortable living situation than the dorms that Drake University provides.

While this is not the only major renovation in recent years, we have also completed a remodel of the basement area which allows for our Chapter to meet together in an inclusive space. This space allows for Chapter Meetings, Chair Meetings, Planning Events, and a place for Brothers to come to have one-on-one, or group, interactions with other Brothers to help further the goals and mission of our Chapter.

Finally, as previously mentioned, the Chapter House is older, so throughout the course of any given year, there are a myriad of different projects that must be completed in order to keep the house in proper working order and well maintained. Any contributions made by people to the Iowa Delta Alumni Association goes to further the benefits of our Chapter in many ways, but in the most simplistic terms, it helps us continue to impact and grow the members that come through our house year after year.

How to Donate:

Depending upon the circumstances surrounding your donation, the process may differ slightly. However, they all typically start with reaching out the Alumni Association via the form below, and someone will get into contact with you about making those arrangements. Please note that the Alumni Association has no direct bearing or influence, upon the activities that the Chapter performs on their own accord. If you would like to make a donation to the Active Chapter to help further their own goals and philanthropic opportunities, please also fill out the form, but please include that you would like the make the donation to the Active Chapter, and someone will get you in touch with the current Eminent Treasurer and Eminent Correspondent to facilitate that discussion.

Frequently Asked Questions related to Donations:

Who Can Donate: The Iowa Delta Alumni Association will accept donations from anyone regardless of their affiliation with the organization. If you are a Parent of a Current Student, Family Member of an Alumni, Current Student, Alumni Brother, Random Passerby, or a Philanthropic oriented person, all individuals regardless of affiliation, can make a contribution to the Alumni Association and they can also chose to remain anonymous.

Please note, that certain donations would normally allow an individual to be “immortalized” in some way shape or form, this privilege is normally associated with a donation made by a Brother, on behalf of a Brother, or in Memory of a Brother. This privilege is at the discretion of the Alumni Board, and may not be given to just anyone who choses to donate to our cause.

How Much is a Typical Contribution: Contributions to the Alumni Association vary widely based on an individuals own circumstances. Genuinely, the amount donated really does not matter, it is the fact that you are giving back to an Organization that serves the purpose of trying to make an impact on the Drake Community and the Student Body at large, that is what is most important, not how deep your personal pockets are.

Can a reoccurring pledge be set up: Yes! A reoccurring pledge can be set up in any way, shape, or form. Please contact us using the above form to get in touch and someone from the Association will work out the details surrounding your own circumstances. In a lot of ways, the reoccurring donations are what allow us to continue to make ongoing repairs and updates to the house. The occasional donation, while extremely important and incredibly valuable to us, ongoing Pledges of Donations are what allow us to be more consistent when planning out yearly budgets and meeting our day-to-day operational needs.

Tax Information: The Iowa Delta Alumni Association will be working with the National Sigma Alpha Epsilon Foundation to determine whether any portion of your donation will be tax deductible. Generally, this would be only for the portion of the donation that is related to educational purposes. Please be advised that you should obtain independent advice on any tax implications concerning donations.

Privacy: If you wish your name and/or value of your pledge to remain anonymous please advise us when making your donation or pledge. It is Iowa Delta Alumni Association intent to honor those making contributions by immortalizing you on our website, and sometimes special honorifics, depending on the donation circumstances when applicable.